Wanted to give you a big thumbs up for your over the top performance at the Paul Motian tribute concert at the Renaissance Riverfront Center for the Arts. You captured the essence of his musicality. The band was superb, and your drumming style was perfect to illustrate Paul's style. I wish my ride cymbal technique was good enough to do those nice rebounds! Thanks for the recharge and See you again soon!

Paul Masarek

"BEAUTIFUL!!!" MATTHEW LO RE - Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer 2018-08-10


"Very moody , meditative piece! I dig it a lot! You were channeling PM (Paul Motian) on that. All you guys are masters of time and space!" STEVE AMEDEE - The Subdudes 2018-08-12


"I listened to your new CD all the way home and I have 3 words to describe my thoughts: haunting, mystical and mysterious." "A genuine pleasure and transcendent experience." RON ROLLET...SeaGrove Press 2018-08-14


Beautiful Recording. Excellent production values, mix etc. superb performance. Please put it on disc and send it to me. I would be delighted to put it into my radio rotation. SAM HOLMSTOCK - Surrender To the Air Waves 907 WKKL 2019-09-17


I really enjoyed Lori's work with "Adelante"! Bohemian Cool, Daddio! In spite of the sound-system snafus, I had a great time! SITAR BOB PRICE - Electric Sitar 2019-12-21


Lori's beatnick coolness really rocked the house (Vegans Are Us with A Touch of Soul)...in a smooth soulful way!!! LISA MELIAN - percussionist 2019-12-21


Adelante - the kind of passion that they create with their music is astounding. When I go to their shows, I listen with my eyes closed and it takes me to a place of stillness in my mind. If you love original tunes, cool versions of other folks tunes and extended improvisation - this is the band to see and hear.


The Adelante trio has a very unique, abstract and yet mellow jazz fusion sound that you are sure to enjoy. Their improvisational work feels - sounds like they rehearsed the music. Adelante is certainly a welcome addition to our music lineup.


Vegans Are Us cafe

Saw ADELANTE'S event on social media and went to see them perform. My friends and I are not necessarily Jazz enthusiasts but I must say we did get into the music last night. Everything was up beat, the musicians are excellent and have a fabulous rapport with the audience. Plan on following them and seeing them in the near future.



Enjoyed live jazz music last night with Adelante jazz trio at a vegan cafe in Vineland. It was a rare treat to hear such wonderful jazz close to home!! Excellent percussion, flute, bass guitar and saxophone.



I highly recommend checking out this talented jazz trio called Adelante. It's not often you get to see live music in small venues anymore. These musicians play with so much passion...they will not disappoint you!


Not only is Jody a great drummer, he is an awesome professor in Psychology!!


To experience the music of Adelante is to be taken on an aural journey that touches mind, body and spirit. The music of Adelante is rooted in the improvisational approaches of Modern Jazz, Classical Music and Pop Music. Adelante creates a musical brew that knows no musical boundaries…relishing in the challenge, that all musical styles can be complimentary and weaved together to create something musically and sonically beautiful, new and unique.



What an extraordinary afternoon we enjoyed in Olly’s Garden adjoining All Saints’ Episcopal Church with the gifted jazz ensemble Adelante! These talented and imaginative musicians had the crowd gathered there in the shade mesmerized, relaxed and uplifted – all at the same time. They put their own creative twist to some cherished classics, like Simple Gifts, and their freeform “smooth jazz” improvisations were absolutely first-rate. At the end of the concert, countless people asked me, “Father, when are you having them back?”


All Saints Episcopal Church-Rehoboth Beach, DE

"Adelante mesmerized the outdoor audience with fresh melodious sounds and vibrations which echoed through the streets of Rehoboth Beach, DE. This jazz ensemble is exceptional individually and as a group."


Music Director@All Saints Episcopal Church-Rehoboth Beach, DE

After listening to the music. My first thought when I heard it was of Frisell (one of my favorite musicians). I love that way of playing, everyone is
open to what's happening in the moment.


The Fly Trio, Chick Corea, Ray Charles, Jeff Ballard Fairground

A pleasing guitar trio with a Metheny-Esque sound, melodic with a compelling rhythmic motion and sound.


independent artist, Santana

Adelante has woven a magical tapestry of sound in this set
recorded live at the Psalm Salon in Philadelphia. The ensemble's
freeform improvisations takes listeners on a delightful journey. Jack
Jesiolowski's guitar sound is particularly noteworthy; it's simply gorgeous.
This sound imbues the group with a calm yet penetrating aura, providing the
music with a presence that's both here and now as well as reminiscent
of the finest trios in jazz. Drummer and founder Jody Janetta utilizes a rich
array of percussive sounds and grooves, while bassist Stephen Testa
holds it all together from the bottom up.To my ears, the band continues a
guitar band innovation and tradition set into motion back in the 1960s
by Gabor Szabo, and I find this a most welcome set amidst all of the
good noise being made by numerous artists today. The Philadelphia area
has long been home to some of the brightest names in jazz; you can add
Adelante to this august group of musicians.

Enjoy "Psalm." The audience did, and so do I.


World Renown Jazz Drummer

Adelante is reaching and I appreciate that. So much of the music we hear in our day to day listening is pre-formulated to travel from Point A to B without a hitch. Personally, I've always found this to be a let down. Music is, at it's finest, an interpretation of our existance and the expression of such, should be both adventurous and exploratory. Adelante is embracing this concept. The music comes from a place of expressive freedom and that is a place that too little music lives, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing Jody!


bassist ( Peter Erskine • The Jaco Pastorius Big Band • Teri-Lynn Carrington • Gino Vannelli)

I just mixed a trio of seasoned musicians collectively known as "Adelante." Their influences were clearly eclectic, and their sound was long-marinated in jazz. Jack Jez churned out improvised melodies over clever chord inversions on his guitar through a tube amp, slightly over-driven with effects. With an "all access pass" to any note on his six-string bass, Steve masterfully held down the bottom end through a custom rig. He blended melodies with rythms and glued together keyboards and percussion. Focused on his playing I couldn't help but think of bass greats Steve Swallow and Miroslov Vitous. J.Jody - a true student of great drummers and percussionists - relentlessly drove the band with traps, an array of cymbals, chimes, ankle bells and shakers. It was the first time a drummer ever asked me to place a pair of mics at his feet.
These guys held a large outdoor audience spellbound for 2 hours. Check 'em out!


Steve E Love Sound)-Philadelphia. PA

"The music of Jody Janetta and Adelante is truly universal. It is a melody for all ages, and it will no doubt inspire you." I have been attending The Jazz Bridge concert series in Collingswood, NJ since it's inception. Adelante's concert on March 1, 2012 was without question the best performance of any artist to date.


Regular Audience Member@The Jazz Bridge Concert Series

"That music you guys were playing at Borders was awesome. It's the kind of stuff I'm always looking for but can never find.
I'm going to use your music as inpiration to elevate my poetry.
I wish someone from ECM could put an ear on it."


Poet Extraordinaire

"....I wanted to thank you AGAIN for the Adelante CD you slipped me years ago. You have no idea (well, maybe now you do) how much I've enjoyed it all this time. It's great to get up with, and great to go to sleep with as well. Last night AND this morning I played it/ it probably hits my player about once a month which is pretty "heavy rotation" for me. So dreamy, so eloquently played. Still makes me think of Weather Report, esp. "I Sing The Body Electric". A job well done ..... George Wallace (recording artist).


Recording Artist and Fan
I recently viewed/listened to Adelante's performance from the Schoodic Arts Festival in Winter Harbor, ME. Once again I find myself comparing them to Weather Report...specically during the time of "I Sing The Body Electric" with Miroslav Vitous on acoustic bass...nothing retro here, just a serious nod to a wonderful band!


fan/music critic, New Jersey

I'm not a fan of jazz, but Adelante's original approach to jazz/improvised music really captured me...Jody's drumming is "A Heartbeat, A Natural Force That Pins You! "...Jack and Xar really are wonderful players that are right there with Jody...


Board Member, Schoodic Arts For All-Winter Harbor, ME

"Adelante is a jazz force to be reckoned with...lively, energetic and always a crowd pleaser. The Fuel House always considers it a privelage to have them perform on our stage...and always to an attentive and appreciative audience"


Owner of The Fuel House Coffee Company/Cafe
These guys can definitely play...and don't be surprised someday if you see them scoring a movie soundtrack...


I feel and experience a beautiful and tender world through “Adelante’s” music…


Artist and “Adelante” supporter from Japan
Just listened to the CD. GREAT MEDICINE!!! THANKS!!!

GEORGIE “The Blacksmith” BONDS

recording artist: http:www.georgiebonds.com

“Adelante’s” instrumentation consists primarily of Guitar/Chapman Stick/Warr Touch-Style Guitar and Loops, Saxophones/Flutes and Drums/Percussion and they collectively produce an ethereal form of jazz that seems to have originated on a different planet. The cd features 3 compositions/improvisations, 2 “short” ones(both over 7minutes) and “Travellers Suite”, an extended piece of a half-hour that evolves slowly through a variety of sonic territories, from jazz to Tangerine Dream like space bubbles and a wonderful atmospheric groove that almost reminds me of Michael Brooks “Hybrid” cd. It also features some very tasty Warr Guitar solos. Its worth mentioning that the production has a fascinatingly live quality to it. What you hear is the music in its raw, live form without the studio trickery usually associated with this type of music….WILLIAM BAJZEK-Editor, “Tap Reviews”.

The seamless combination of Dan Oasterweil’s alto sax, J.Jody Janetta’s percussion and Paul Mimlitsch’s guitar relaxes you like a good George Winston piano solo or the lush vocals of Enya. The first song, the almost 10 minute “Tapestry” is reminiscent of the eerie soundtrack to the movie “Blade Runner” done by new age artist Vangelis. In fact the entire cd, which only features 3 songs, will remind you of background music for a movie soundtrack…The highlight of the cd is the 28 minute “Travelers Suite”. Divided into 4 distinct sections, the song hits on each member’s strengths…if you’re looking to kick-back and relax after a long day, this might be your answer. These guys can definitely play, and don’t be surprised someday if you see them scoring a movie soundtrack themselves…MARK MELHORN-Editor, The Press/At The Shore.

“Adelante” put me exactly where I needed to be. “For S.P.” in particular…with Paul Mimlitsch’s rolling, drone-like loops, Dan Osterweils’s faraway flutes and J.Jody Janetta’s spare percussive riffs building slowly into a warm, meditative, nearly orchestral mix…filled my head with comforting sonics to replace the clatter of my busy life. My consciousness was informed by the music and my mood was altered for the better. The 28 minute “Travellers Suite” came off like the perfect soundtrack to a wacky day at home. Again the music informed(and was informed) by the actions surrounding it. What more could one ask of ambient music than to have it expand ones state of mind and help one to appreciate the present moment.

“Adelante” draws from a grab bag of influences that include improvisational jazz, contemporary classical, world/folk traditions and trance music. Yet the members achieve their own sound, which comes off as remarkably natural and not over produced.

“Adelante” should be a welcomed addition to any music library. Its masterful musicianship, superb sound quality and earnest, free-form approach will take you places you’ve never been. It will expand your mind and heart…



“Adelante’s” delicious improvisations knitted me and my soul together…Wow! What a journey these musicians take you on…


Institute for Experiential Learning and Development

This ensemble is absolutely fantastic. You will be taken on a musical journey like no other you have ever experienced…


CoffeeTime Café

“Adelante” performs improvised music of the highest order. The musicianship and creative output of the members of “Adelante” are somewhat other-worldly…”Adelante’s” music is not to be missed…


Florida Guitarist/Recording Artist
One rarely has the opportunity to experience music of such incredible depth…very uplifting and creative…


Percussionist w/the internationally renown world music group “Jaffna”
“Adelante” recently performed at Borders in Mays Landing, NJ…What else can I say, the music and musicians were awesome…


"The Accent”, Atlantic/Cape Community College
The amazing part was that they kept the music interesting for 90 minutes straight…without a break! They passed through many different sonic/musical landscapes…


Touch-Style Guitarist “Three Hour Detour”
Musicians of the highest caliber…“Adelante’s” creative output is pure artistic joy…a musical journey you won’t soon forget…


“The Subdudes”
This is very cool music…check “Adelante” out as soon as possible…


Guitarist/LoLo Records recording artist
The combination of these musicians and the wealth of experience between them…the musical result is nothing short of incredible…


The Press/At The Shore
I would urge everyone to attend an “Adelante” performance…They were wonderful at the “Washington, D.C. Loop Show”. Ethereal, meditative, with some very melodic drumming…


“Adelante’s” musicianship is a joyous experience indeed. Music for the mind, body and soul…


“The Subdudes”
Music of tremendous depth…sort of like Brian Eno meets very early Weather Report. “Adelante” is a very real mix of music from many cultures and styles…


“Good Company” 99.7FM Brisbane, Australia
Like few other ensembles before them(“Oregon” and “Codona” come to mind), the trio “Adelante” incorporates music from a variety of genres(ie: jazz, world, modern classical) in a seamless, natural manner. Listening to these three more than proficient musicians, one imagines traveling a soundscape from the freezing, barren Northlands to the sun drenched, vibrant home of Mohammed. I encourage every open-minded music lover to discover them…


Quality creative music is hard to find…look no further, “Adelante” is it! “Adelante” is like hearing a rainbow…


editor “The Sandpaper”